Nordhere Viking Living History Re-Enactors

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The Year in Review

Posted by nordherevikings on September 28, 2013 at 9:30 AM

2013's Nordhere season has reached its end.

Trainers, shows in Alberta, Manitoba and of course our home province of Saskatchewan have come and gone.

We all had a wonderfull time preforming for the public, visiting our fellow Vikings on the combat field and in Village ( such as the massivly sucessful Icelandic Festival in Gimli Manitoba this year ).

Now we settle in as vikings do for the winter, cleaning gear,making new gear, mending clothing and of course planning for the next years events.

There will be training and crafting this winter, and we will be inviting the public  to visit and learn ( and JOIN US ) in our endeavors to bring this vibrant cilture back to life for all to learn from.

Great 2013 and hello 2014....


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