Nordhere Viking Living History Re-Enactors

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 Nordhere is not LARP nor is it S.C.A........ read on.......

What is Nordhere


In April of 2003, Wil Yannacoulias, Warren Cummins and Andreas Tesfaye began preparations to attend the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings in Glenn Dale, Maryland, hosted by the group Midgard. The plan didn't bear fruit, but we began discussing starting a similar group here in Canada. In October 2003, Nordhere was born, as a living history and re-enactment group focused on England in the 10th and 11th centuries. Based in Western Canada, our membership is localized and drawn from Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. We are a family oriented organization and encourage the participation of children, the family pet and extended family whenever possible.


As of November 2006, Nordhere is a founding member group and part of the The Vikings-Vinland Canada.

What is living history?


Living history is an educational activity where a group portrays for self-education and/or the education of the viewing public, a small slice of life from a point in history. This can be as simple as a single person doing a craft display or as elaborate as a fully authentic village on a historic site. For many small-scale hobby groups, living history takes the form of small camp displays with authentic tentage, food preparation, clothing and crafts. 

What is re-enactment?

Re-enactment is an educational activity where interested people get together to act out a historical event (usually of a military nature, such as a famous battle). Centred largely on the combat, the event is acted out with blunt steel weapons and strict combat training. As with living history, attention to historically correct detail in the clothing and equipment of the participants is of the utmost importance. Historically plausible but not document able events can sometimes be re-enacted as well: for example, no written records exist describing the Earl of Northumbria mustering and training his local levied army, but it's pretty likely that it was done and would be an acceptable re-enactment event.

The goals of the group.


Nordhere's primary goal is creating an opportunity for people in Western Canada to participate in early medieval living history & re-enactment. We wish to set and enforce a minimum authenticity standard, built on the authenticity standards of The Vikings UK, and to portray aspects of the 10th and 11th centuries in a way that is educational both to the viewing public and the members of the group. We regularly meet and interact with other similar groups in Canada and the US, networking with of like-minded contacts in the re-enactment community.

What about other groups?

Nordhere, though a branch of The Vikings UK, is a highly structured group with exclusive membership. However, Nordhere does not demand 'absolute loyalty' from it's members, and encourages people to belong to other groups, and members of other groups to participate in our activities. Rather than competing with, we like to think of ourselves as complementing other activities out there. This approach seems to be working, as Nordhere can boast being on good terms with all the other clubs we've associated with.

Structure of the group


As of August 2014, the Group Leader is Reid Halabura, Dr. Mike Cichon is the Authenticity Officer, and Jeremy Mason is second in command. Other positions, if any, will be filled as needed. 

The position of Group Leader exists for paperwork and administrative purposes and decision making with member opinions taken into account. The Group itself is a defacto advisory council to the Leader who makes the final decisions using informtion at hand, taking into account the opinions of the group members, past precident and the needs of the group. Some decisions must be approved by the ruling body of the Vikings Vinland. The position is an outgoing leader nominated / voluntary position and approved by the Ruling body of the Vikings Vinland.